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Robust Search

The constituent search function on DonorView is unnecessarily (astoundingly) limited and should be vastly improved.  As it is, I can search for one value across all fields, and that's it.  This type of search is utterly inadequate for managing a database of thousands of clients, especially when those same clients can sign up for events, donations, etc. and unwittingly create duplicate entries with various sorts of differences, including typos.

DV users should be able to search for values in any number of fields simultaneously, including wildcards.  There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to target multiple specific fields with a search, and include wildcards such as *ryant if I'm looking for records in which I suspect that someone named Bryant has a duplicate entry under Cryant.

This is just one of many improvements which need to be made to Donorview so that it accommodates the needs of power users who have do detailed searches, make modifications to multiple records at once, etc. 

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