Begin by determining how many tickets you would like the subscriber to be able to purchase. The subscription works like a gift card and as seats are purchased, the number of seats available using the subscription pass decreases. For example, if you have six performances planned for the season, you could offer a Full Season subscription that includes 6 ticket purchases.

The subscription pass is purchased through a special event page created just for subscriptions. Go to Events > Event Pages and click on +New. Name the subscription and provide the email details in the Acknowledgement Info tab. Click Save and Next to proceed. In the Event Settings tab, the date range usually coincides with the date range of the performance season. Mark “Hide Event Date and Time” Yes. You can set a specific date range when the subscription passes will be available for purchase under Online Sales. If all the performances happen at the same venue, you can enter a location if desired. It is not required.  Complete the Internal Notification section to get a notification when a subscription pass is purchased.

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Complete the Financial Information section, being sure to mark “Accepting Subscription” as NO.  This field will be used when setting up the events for the individual performances, not when purchasing the subscription passes.


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In the Ticketing section, mark “Ticket Event” to YES and “Use Customized Tickets” to YES. Customized Tickets are how the subscription passes are generated. They will be emailed to the purchaser. All other fields in the section should be marked NO. You can customize the “Ticket Level Caption” to make it clear what is being purchased.

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In the Advanced Settings section, mark “Subscription/Flex Pass Event” to YES. For the field “Generate Same Subscription/Flex Pass” mark YES if you wish for all the subscription pass numbers to be the same for this entire purchase. So if they purchase multiple passes, they will all have the same subscription number to use when purchasing tickets for the events. If this is marked NO, a unique number will be generated for each pass. This will also require a separate transaction for each ticket purchase, which is cumbersome for the purchaser. It is recommended that this field be marked YES to make it simpler for the purchaser.

Click Save and Next to proceed to the Event Setup. Add only one level for the subscription. Click on +Add Level to open the window to complete the description and information for the subscription pass. Indicate one attendee and the number of tickets available for purchase with each pass. Click Update to complete the level description. Then click the green Next button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next section.


There is no need to collect Attendee Info in the next section and that can be left as NO. Click Save and Next to proceed to the Style Event Page tab. You can style and edit the event page as desired and click Save and Next to proceed to the Customized Ticket tab.

The most important field on the Custom Ticket is the Ticket Number. This is the merge field that includes the subscription pass number to be used for ticket purchases. Ensure this number is prominently displayed. You may also want to include instructions for using the pass and contact information if the purchaser needs assistance when completing their purchase. Once you have completed setting up the Custom Ticket, click Save and Next to proceed to the Thank You message.

The default Thank You message includes many fields which are not used for subscription pass purchases. Click on Edit Message to open the Email Editor and make changes as necessary. The center section provides the summary on the levels that were purchased. The center section cannot be edited, but it can be deleted if desired.

Note that Coupons, Subscription Pass Applied, Gift Card Amount, Donation Amount, and Amount Due and Tax-Deductible Amount are generally not applicable.

You may want to provide instructions here about using the pass and let the purchaser known that the actual subscription passes will come under a separate email with the passes attached as pdf files. You can also provide information about how to contact your organization if they need assistance. For more information about editing an email, see the video “Email Editor” and use password DV2017.


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When finished editing the Thank You Email, click on Save & Close, then click Save and Next to publish the page. You are now ready to sell subscription passes. Refer to the next article “How do I assign subscriptions for seats?” for the next steps.