A subscription event must be created prior to making seats eligible for subscriptions. Once the subscription event is created, then go to the event page where the seats can be purchased. See the article “Using Seating Charts for Events” for more information about setting up theater-style seating for an event.

From the Event Pages grid, select the event and click on View/Edit. On the Event Settings tab, under the Financial Information Section, mark “Accepting Subscription” YES. If this event will be exclusive for only one type of subscription you can select it under the “Subscription Events” drop down menu. If you are offering multiple types of subscription for this event, leave it as “Select subscription event.”  If this event is subscription only, you can mark that field YES. Click Save and Next at the bottom of the page.

On the Event Setup tab, you are now able to add the subscription information for the specific seats. If you are only offering one subscription option, you can filter the list for the seats that will be eligible for the subscription. Then click on Batch Update.

You may need to adjust the pricing again, and it is recommended that you add a descriptive category for the subscription seats, especially if you offer multiple subscription packages. When the purchaser clicks on the seats they want, they can verify they are in the correct subscription level. You cannot select multiple subscriptions for a seat, only one subscription can be selected for each seat. You can also make a seat Subscription Only so that a subscription pass number must be entered to purchase those seats. Click Update to update all the seats in the filtered list to be eligible for the subscription you’ve identified.

In the example below, there are two subscriptions available. The Premium Subscription, which includes 5 shows or the Mini Subscription which includes 3 shows. The first two rows, A and B, were identified as Premium Subscription eligible, and rows C through F were identified as those available for the Mini Subscription. You can edit the subscription eligibility for each specific seat as needed.

Once the subscription seats are selected, the purchaser will enter their Subscription Pass Code and see the price reduced to zero once they click on Apply. The subscription pass code was emailed to them when they purchased the subscription, but it can also be found under the Ticket Number column on the Events Grid.

Once the Subscription Pass Code is used, the message below will let them know how many tickets remain on their subscription.