From Workspace > CRM > Constituents open the contact record and from the Gifts tab you can delete the ENTIRE event purchase, or from the Events tab you can delete individual tickets.

From Workspace > Events > Events, use the left-hand Events filter to select the event. The grid opens as Events - Summary, click on the trash can icon to delete the ENTIRE event purchase. Or, select Switch to Detail and click on the trash can icon to delete individual tickets (this does not apply to Add-Ons).


 - An event ticket purchase cannot be transferred, however you can edit attendees in the Event Attendance Grid.

 - If a credit card refund is needed, please read this support article, How do I do a refund back onto a Credit Card?

 - The original ticket can be deleted (initiate a credit card refund first, if needed), and a new ticket purchased.

 - The original credit card Txn ID for the gift record can be added as a Memo on the new gift record (ticket purchase) for reference.
    In Workspace > Fundraising > Gifts and Workspace > CRM > Constituents, Gifts tab, the Txn ID column will be available.

 - If a new event ticket is purchased internally, the Payment Type can be selected so no credit card is charged.