After creating all the Levels for your Event on the Event Setup page you will next find the “Group Levels” tab which appears between the “Levels” and “Fees” tabs. The Group Levels tab will allow you to group together Levels of your choice and add logic to how or when they can be selected by a registrant. Your first time on the “Group Levels” tab you will see a blank grid with a “+Add Group” button just above it. Clicking the “+Add Group” button will launch the setup dialog window. This dialog will contain the following fields and settings:


Name -  Enter the desired name of this group of Event Levels. (This name will appear publicly on the online Event Registration Form.)


Public Instructions – Enter the desired instructions for the registrant to follow when selecting the Level(s) from this group. (These instructions will also appear publicly on the online Event Registration form.)

Example: Only Select One (1) Class from this Session.


Attached to Event Level(s) – Within the picklist you will be able to select which Event Levels should be included within this Group. This is a multi-select field.


Inactive – Set to YES, if you wish to deactivate this Group.


After completing the “Name”, “Public Instructions” and “Attach to Event Level(s)” fields you will see the option to add “Group Logic” become available. Clicking the “+Add Logic” button will allow you to add rules to the group of levels you selected above. There are currently two logic/rule options.


Level Based Availability – This rule allows you to select which Event Level this Group will be dependent on. Meaning this Group of Levels will only become visible if the registrant selects the Level you choose for this specific rule. Please note that the Level Based Availability cannot be a Level that is part of this Group.


Level Selection Limit – This rule allows you to limit how many Levels within this specific Group the registrant can select. The number should be less than the total number of Levels within this Group.


After those all the fields have been completed you can choose to save your settings by clicking the blue “Update” button or not save by clicking the grey “Cancel” button.


You are welcome to establish multiple Groups and have more than one Group connected to the same Levels through the “Level Based Availability” logic. Your existing levels can be edited (Pencil Icon) at any time, made Inactive within their setup or deleted (Trashcan Icon) from the grid.