1. This is a decision your organization needs to make about how you intend to manage couples and spouses.

2. You can have both people share one constituent record if they interact with your organization together and there is no need to track their time, donations, purchases, or communication separately.

3. Each spouse should have their own record if you need to track their time, donations, purchases, or communications independently OR if each spouse wishes to bid in an auction independently.

4. If you keep the couple in one record, you can assign them to two seats and show both of their names in the actual attendee column.

5. If you prefer to have couples share are record and want to prevent duplicates, see the article about duplicate records https://support.donorview.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000237015-why-are-duplicate-records-formed-when-someone-is-registering-for-the-event-

6. Below is an example on the attendance grid. Kurt and Jean Bowes are a couple who each have their own constituent record. Marcus and Ellen Brothers share a constituent record.

7. On the table assignments page, couples who share a record can be assigned to two seats, because there are two attendees as shown below for Sandra and Michael Farley being assigned to both Seat 7 and Seat 8.