Within the Auction Module the “Auction Bidders” grid will allow you to see all the Constituents who have been assigned a Bidder ID for a specific Auction. This list will include both Constituents who have registered through a linked Event form or directly through their Portal Account.


On the Auction Bidders grid, you can select your desired Auction in the “Select Auctions…” Dropdown. Bidders for that Auction will then be displayed, and you are able to customize the columns and query the data through on column filter. There is a search option as well as multiple Actions available.


On each Bidders row there is an Edit icon (pencil and paper) that will allow you to edit a Bidder ID and save it. No other information can be edited here.


Please note individuals who have purchased multiple tickets but did not provide any additional attendee information will only appear on this grid once. No Bidder IDs have been assigned to the additional guest tickets. The guest tickets will need to be assigned from the Event Attendance grid or by the purchaser in the Portal Account in order for Bidder IDs to be assigned. Once updated, those guests will also appear on the Auction Bidders Grid.