During the Event/Volunteer Registration process you might be interested in collecting sensitive information from your Attendees/Volunteers that you wish to limit visibility. Examples could be the collection of Driver’s License or Social Security Numbers required for a background check.

While setting up your Attendee or Event questions on the Attendee Info tab within your Event’s Setup you will find a checkbox setting next to each question called, “Sensitive Information.” Checking this box will make the setting Active will ensure that the values provided under this question will not be visible to any internal users within your account.

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Instead, the answer will display as “Sensitive Information”.  However, Admin level users can export the Event Attendance grid to Excel, they will be able to see the real answers provided by the Attendee, Volunteer, or Event Registrant during their registration. Any non-Admin user would still see “Sensitive Information” listed as the answer value if they exported the same grid.

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Within the event setup, the “Sensitive Information” setting can be turned on or off at any time. However, any information collected when the setting is turned on will continue to be marked “Sensitive Information” even if the setting is later turned off.