With the collection of information from your customers/donors through a Survey or you might be interested in collecting sensitive information from your Attendees/Volunteer that you wish to limit visibility. Examples could be the collection of Driver’s License or Social Security Numbers required for a background check.

While setting up your Survey/Form the following Question Types provide the option to make the answer Sensitive.

  • Currency
  • Multiple Lines of Text
  • Numeric Value with Decimal Places
  • Numeric Value without Decimal Places
  • Single Line of Text
  • Specific Date.


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While editing the Question there will be “Sensitive Information” check box at the bottom of the page. Checking this box making the setting Active will ensure that the values/answers provided under this question will only be partially visible to any internal users within your account.


Only the last four digits or characters of the answer will display in the Survey Results Grid.



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Admin level users can export the Survey Results Grid to Excel they will be able to see the real answers provided by the Survey/Form taker. Any non-Admin user would still see just the partial information listed as the answer value if they exported the same grid.

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Within the Survey questions, the “Sensitive Information” setting can be turned on or off at any time. However, any information collected while the setting was turned on will remain only partially visible even if the setting is later turned off.