You can you add or remove a recipient from email lists from their profile page. Click on the X next to the email list to remove them from that list or click in the white box under Email Lists, then click on the list to add them to a list.

You can also add/remove constituents to/from a particular list or all lists from the Contacts Page in the Email Marketing Module. With a list selected, you can delete a constituent from the list using the trashcan icon on the left side of their row. This removes the constituent from that list, but does not delete them from the database.

You can see all the lists a constituent is subscribed to by clicking on ALL RECIPENTS.

Search for the name in the search box or by filtering the column for their name. Select the row with their name and the grid on the right will show all the lists to which they are subscribed. You can uncheck the box to remove them from that list or check all the boxes to subscribe them to all the lists.