Yes, if you navigate to Workspace>Survey/Forms>Survey/Forms List you will be able to download the Import Template for your selected Survey, populate that template with data and then import the file.

Once on the Survey/Forms List select the desired survey on the grid, it will highlight in blue. After the survey is highlighted mouse over the Actions menu and select, "Download Import Template".

This action will download an Excel template which can be populated with the data you wish to import. Please make sure when populating the data that it is in the same format as the question it is being imported to. For example if the question type is a "Numeric Values without Decimal Point" you will not be able to import in a number with a decimal or any letters. You will also need to enter in the Constituent ID for each data row so a Constituent record will need to already exist for each survey respondent.

Once you have completed your import template go back to the Survey/Forms List and again make sure your desired survey is selected and highlighted in blue. Next mouse back over the Actions menu and select,  "Import Survey Answers".

A dialog window will then appear allowing you to select your import template and upload it into the Survey. Once the data is imported you will be shown a message outlining the details of the import and if there were any errors.