Some cellular service providers have put new rules in place to allow for better text messaging deliverability. They are now requiring recipients to opt-in to text messaging by sending ‘start’ to the phone number that is assigned to your account. 

Your constituents can text ‘start’ to your assigned number before they utilize any of your TEXT2GIVE words or codes to ensure that they receive the corresponding text messages and links appropriately, or if they are having trouble receiving text messages.

The following text messages will subscribe the user: "start", "yes", "unstop", "add"

The following messages will unsubscribe/remove the user from all future texts: "stop", "stopall", "unsubscribe", "cancel", "end", "quit"

NOTE: Manually checking off the constituent's Text Message List Opted Out box stops DonorView Actions from sending text messages to the contact, but the constituent can still receive Auction text messages when bidding, if they have not opted out using one of the messages above.