An event can be setup to sell raffle tickets.


The event should be set as Ticket Event = YES.

The raffle tickets should be added as ticket Levels.

The overall event ticket purchases can be limited, and/or the individual ticket levels can be limited.


In this example, the Total Event Capacity has been set to 200.



And the ticket Level (Qty. Avail.) has been set to 200.


In this example, a "bundle" has been added as well. The ticket purchase generates five (5) raffle tickets by setting the # of Tickets Per Purchase.




Since the event has been limited to 200 tickets, as well as the ticket levels, if the overall event ticket purchase level is reached, no more raffle tickets are available.


For example, if 10 tickets have already been purchased and you try to purchase more tickets than are available, the system will not let you. You will only be able to purchase 38 Raffle Ticket Bundle (5) tickets (5 tickets x 38 = 190) for the bundle, if any 10 tickets have already been purchased.



In this example, there is a ticket level and an add-on to illustrate the difference between the two.


The first row is the add-on purchase; Ticket level is empty.



The ticket numbering is set to start at 1.



If five (5) add-ons and ten (10) raffle tickets were purchased, the system generates 10 individual raffle tickets, where-as the add-on is one ticket with a quantity of five.



In Workspace > Events > Event Attendance only ticket levels are listed and not the add-on raffle tickets.



In this grid you can use Actions > Raffle Winner (apply any filters first, if needed).




You can draw as many winners as you like.


NOTE: The system does not flag anyone when a winner is drawn, so the same ticket can be drawn again and win again.