Price discounts can be created for all seats, but coupon codes or pricing discounts for specific seats is not available. The software defaults to three categories of discounts: Kids, Seniors, and Students, but you can edit or add as many as you like.

To turn on price discounts, go to the Ticketing section of the Event Setting tab on the event page. Mark "Offer Seating Price Discount" YES. Click Save and Next to proceed.

Go to the Event Setup and there will be a new tab open for Seating Price Discounts. Click on +Add Discount to open the pop up window. Select the Discount Category or click Add/Edit to add new categories. Select the Discount Type to offer a flat dollar off the standard price of the seat or a percentage off the standard price of the seat. Enter the value of the discount. You can create an internal-only discount by marking "Offline Discount" YES.  This discount would only be visible to someone who is logged into DonorView and accesses the page from the same browser. This is an option for creating comp tickets where you can create a special category with a 100% discount. Click Update when complete. Once all of your Seating Price Discounts have been entered, click Next to complete any remaining sections of the event page.

From the event page, pricing discounts will show up under the standard price. These discounts will show on all available seats. The discounts will not be visible on Subscription Only seats. 

Once they click on the seat, they can select their price discount. It will probably be beneficial to add some information to the page which indicates that IDs will be required for discounts.