The Event Pay Later option now allows you to have your event guest choose to pay at a later time for their purchases. On the Event Settings tab if you scroll down to the Financial Information section you will find a few options for Pay Later. Below is a description of each of those settings.

Allow Everyone To Pay Later - This setting would allow anyone visiting this event page the option to pay later.

Allow Members To Pay Later - This setting would require the event registrant be logged into their portal account and have an Active Membership on file. They would then be able to select the Pay Later option.

Allow Internal Only To Pay Later - This setting would hide the Pay Later option from the public, however any DonorView users who are logged in will be able to select the option when registering an Attendee.

Pay Later Comment - Enter the message that will display next to the Pay Later checkbox that activates this option for the registrant on the Event Form.

This feature will add a checkbox to the Event Form that the purchaser can check to Pay Later. The cost of the purchase will then be added as a balance for the purchaser to pay at a later date.