Note: Before creating a Guest Form please consider using the Custom Attendee fields under the Attendee Info section as it might be a better option to collect the desired information. A Guest Form will not be a part of the Event form but a survey that is linked to the Thank You email for completion after the Event Transaction is submitted.

If you have selected the option "Guest Survey" on your event form, you will have the added step of the "Guest Form." On this step, you will be creating a survey of questions that you need the purchaser to answer. To add a question to the form there is a green, "+ Question" button on the lower right corner. Once you click that button you have the following options: 

  1. Question Type - Select the type of question you want to add to the form, (EX: Dropdown, Text Field, Checkbox, Star Rating, etc).
  2. Question Text - Enter the question you wish to ask.
  3. Answer Choices - Some questions may require that you enter answer choices or select additional settings.
  4. Specify placement of question - By default the question will be added to the bottom but you can select the specific placement before or after another question.
  5. Make the answer to this question required - Check the box to make the question required.
  6. Add comment field - Check the box to add a comment field to the question. You can also make this field required.

Once all that is done click the green, "Save Question" button on the lower right corner.

For more information about creating survey questions, see the articles under Survey Process the DonorView Knowledge Base.