Once you are on the Survey Styling step, you can begin to style your survey to your liking. Underneath the survey styling page title, you will see six tabs: Body, Header, Title, Question, Answer and Error. You can click on any of these tabs to adjust that specific area of the survey. Once you click on the tab of the specific area you would like to design, look just below the tab options and your tools for editing will appear. At the bottom of the page is a preview that will update as you make selections so that you can immediately see what your survey will look like. You can move along the tabs to adjust the survey’s appearance to your liking. You can move back and forth through the tabs as many times as you would like until the survey looks the way you want it to.

The colors and fonts that you select on this step will automatically be applied to your email Welcome and Thank You Messages if you select the checkbox that says Apply these themes to Welcome & Thank You Messages.