You can change your login ID by following these steps:

    1. To change your login ID, look directly across the words “Login ID (Email)” in the same row to the right you will see three buttons that say “Change Login ID”“Change Password”, and “Change Security Question/Answer”
    2. Click on the first button that says “Change Login ID”. From there four white boxes with your current information will expand.
    3. In the box labeled “New Login ID (Email)” enter in the new email address you would like to use. Make sure you enter a valid email address.
    4. Below where you filled in your new login ID, enter in your current password in the“Current Password” text box and your security question answer in the “Security Answer”text box. Click the green “Save” button below the “Security Answer” box.
    5. You will then be logged out of your account, and will not be able to log back in until you confirm your new login ID, which will be sent to the new email address that you entered in as your new login ID.
    6. Check your email’s inbox and open the new email from DonorView. The email may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox. Be sure to check your spam folder just in case. In the email you received from DonorView there will be a confirmation link. Click the link to confirm that you have changed your Login ID.
    7. You will then be brought to the DonorView login page. Login with your new login ID (Email) and from there you can use your DonorView account again.