The Event Attendance grid has the ability to allow you to print name badges using the Actions menu. Badges are different than name tags because they include a QR code for the ticket number. Begin by filtering the grid for the constituents you would like to print badges for. Then select the Action menu and click on Print Badges

A new window will open to allow you to choose:

*  The Label Type - there are four options to choose from

   - Avery 5371, which has 10 labels per sheet 2" x 3 1/2"

   - Avery 5160, which has 30 labels per sheet 1" x  2 5/8"

   - Avery 5167, which has 80 labels per sheet 1/2" x 1 3/4"

   - Avery 5392 With Logo, which has 6 labels 3" x 4" but will also print your organization's logo on the name tag. The logo is taken from the Organization Settings. 

*  Number of labels to skip - which indicates how many labels to skip printing on the first page. For example, if 3 were entered here, the printer would skip the first three label spaces and beginning printing the first badge on the third label.

Click Print to create a pdf file that will download to your computer. You can open the pdf file and direct which printer to utilize.  

The badges will print with the QR Code to the left, and to the right, the ticket number at the top, First Name next and then the Last Name as shown below. The mobile app, DV Connect, can be used to scan the QR codes to check attendees into an event on the Event Attendance grid.