The Volunteer Registrations grid will show the names of registrants and any guests they registered for. Select the volunteer event to view by using the Queries feature on the right side of the grid. If the Views and Queries sidebar is not showing, click on the small arrow on the left side of the gird (see red arrow below.)

The Registrations grid will only show those events which have been identified as Volunteer Events. Like other grids, you have a View Builder and can filter, sort, save, and share views. You also have all the same features of the Events grid in the Events Module including the Search, +New, and Actions menu. 

This grid also has a Summary view, which opens initially, but you can click on Switch to the Detail to see more information about guests. You only need to use the Detail view if you allow your volunteers to register for others. The person who registered will be shown in the Last Name/Constituent column, while the guests that they signed up for will be shown in the Actual Attendee columns.