Initial Training is a special offer available when signing up for DonorView. This training is a 50-minute overview to get your organization started using the software. Your entire team is welcome to join the session and we can record the session for you to download and share as needed.  

You are welcome to schedule your Initial Training during the implementation process before your data is converted if you plan to start using the software right away. If you do not plan to start using the software until your data has been converted, you can wait to schedule your session until that time. Initial training should be scheduled as soon as you begin using the software to be most effective.

Initial Training will be identified as a line item in your contract documents if you elected to purchase it. The training team should reach out to you to schedule after your kick-off call with the implementation team, but you can contact for more information anytime. 

If you did not include Initial Training with your contract sign-up, we do offer Specialized Training, which is also private zoom training. Specialized Training is customized for your organization's needs. To get a price quote and more information about Specialized Training, contact