1. The three dates allow you to customize when the pages are visible to the public and to fundraisers.
  2. At the top of the P2P Campaign Settings tab enter the Event Start Date and Event End Date if the P2P is linked to an event. If it is not linked to an event, you can leave those fields blank.
  3. The Fundraising Begin Date and Fundraising End Date fields are the dates that donations can be made on the participant’s pages.
    1. Outside of these dates, the pages are not viewable by the public.
    2. Fundraising usually begins before the event start and can extend past the event end date.
  4. The Active to Participant Begin Date and Active to Participant End Date are the dates that the pages are viewable to the participant fundraisers from the portal.
    1. Outside of these dates, the pages are not editable or sharable.
    2. The participants typically have some time to update their pages prior to beginning the fundraising and keeping it open after the end of the fundraising allows them to send thank you messages to donors and team members and see final results for their personal and team pages.

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