Email Marketing Module

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The email marketing module can replace other platforms like Contant Contact or Mail Chimp. To see the whole process, see the video “Email Marketing.” (password DV2017)


The overview feature shows the results of the email marketing campaigns. The dashboard shows the open, unopen, bounce, and unsubscribe statistics in the email delivery tab. The performance of any links and their monetization, as well as comparing the performance of the last 12 campaigns in the last 12 months is also available. See more in the video “Email Marketing Overview Pages.” (password DV2017)


The contacts feature is where all the email lists and the constituents on those lists are managed. New constituents can be uploaded from Excel files or manually entered. Email list sign up links or widgets can also be generated here. Learn more in the video “Email Marketing Contacts.” (password DV2017)


The templates feature is used to create the emails for campaigns, auto reminders, and thank you emails for the various fundraising, event, and membership pages. The templates can be customized by adding images, text, and links to videos and pdf files. To learn about editing the email marketing templates and emails, see the video “Email Editor.” (password DV2017)


The campaign is where the contacts list comes together with the template. A campaign can be sent immediately or scheduled for a specific time and day. The video “Email Marketing Campaign” (password DV2017)will demonstrate all the features.

Auto Responders

Auto responders schedule a template to be sent to new email list subscribers. The email list categories are identified to receive the message and the template can be customized for a general welcome or specific categories. See the details in the video “Email Auto Responder.” (password DV2017)