General Membership Module

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The main membership grid has two views, the summary and detail view. The summary view will show the most current owner for each membership with information about the transaction, amount due, the membership level, expiration date, and status. There is also a current membership expiration date and current status. If multiple memberships are allowed, the current membership expiration date will be the farthest expiration date. The current status indicates if the membership is active, inactive, or pending (there is an amount due.) On the detail view, the purchaser and the additional members are shown. Note that for all memberships there is only one owner. There can be multiple members included in a membership level, for example a family membership that includes two adult and two children as members, but only one constituent is designated as the owner of the membership. Learn more about this grid in the videos “Members Summary Grid” and “Members Detail Grid.” (password DV2017)

Membership Pages

The membership pages are where the membership registration pages are built. The pages include settings, level set up, styling and automatic thank you emails. See the videos “General Membership” and “Online Membership Form Setup” (password DV2017)to learn about building membership pages and managing memberships.


An attendance grid can be generated for all active members. This is useful for membership events. To learn more about this feature, see the video “Member Attendance.” (password DV2017)

Mail Merge GM Templates

Like the CRM, Fundraising, and Events modules, the membership module has its own library of mail merge letter templates. These letters get their merge data from the membership grid. The letters can be used to generate acknowledgements, renewal reminders, and other communications just for members. To see more about this topic, see the video “Member Mail Merge Letters.” (password DV2017)

Auto Reminders

Auto reminders are used for membership renewals. Like event auto reminders, these reminders are generated based on expiration date and member level or the current membership expiration date. The reminders use the email templates which can be customized. To learn more about this feature, see the video “Membership Auto Reminders.” (password DV2017)

Membership Only Documents

When the portal is activated, members can access a library of documents and links just for members. These documents can be for all members or linked to specific membership levels. See the “Member Only Documents” (password DV2017) video to learn more.