If a Constituent has been marked as the Head of Household, they will be given the ability to edit their Household Member’s Contact Information and Relationships. This ability will be available within their Portal Account, and it is a feature that you can turn on or off. The setting for this feature can be found if you mouse over your organization’s name in the upper right corner of the software and click on “Portal Info.” Once on the Donor Portal Info screen scroll down to where it says, “Please select menu items that you want your portal users to see on their portals.” Here you will find an option called, “Manage Household.” By checking the box next to that value, you will activate this feature within the portal. Click the green “Save” box at the bottom of the page. If you wish to deactivate this feature, uncheck the box next to “Manage Household” and click the green “Save” button at the bottom of the page.


Within their portal account, the Head of Household will see a new menu option called “Manage Household.” Once on their Household page they will see a grid which lists all the Member Constituents within their Household. Each of the rows has a pencil and paper Edit icon which will allow them to edit Name, Contact Information, and Relationship for that Household Member. They can also add new Household Members by clicking the “+ Add Household Member” button to the left above the grid. Clicking this button will allow them to input the Name, Contact Information, and Relationship to the HOH for this new Constituent that will be added to their Household. This new Household member will be added as a New Constituent to the database.