On the main Interaction Grid if you need to make an update to multiple interaction records you can do so through the Batch Update Records Action. The first step would be to filter the Interactions grid for the desired Interaction records you wish to update. Once the grid is filtered you can mouse over the Actions menu above the grid and click the “Batch Update Records” option. This will launch a dialog box where you can make updated to fields such as the Date/Time, Status, Primary Relationship, Interaction Type as well as Category 1 and 2. Once you have updated the desired fields you can click the green “Update” button and confirm by typing in “YES”.



Beyond updating existing Interaction records, the Batch Update Records feature also allows you to make other updates to the records of the filtered list of constituents showing on the grid including updating their Constituent profiles, adding documents, or adding Time Tracking records. Simply click on the “Constituent”, “Document” or “Time Tracking” tabs to navigate to that Action.