PayPal, Venmo and Google Pay are available as a bundle for additional payment methods that can be added to your Account. To accept these alternative payment methods, the cost is $30/month + 1.5% per transaction risk management fee. Payment for any funds processed through these alternative payment methods will be made by check and issued once per month by ConnectedView.


If you are an Admin user in your Account, you can activate PayPal, Venmo and Google Pay as alternative payment methods under your Account Setting. To navigate to those settings, you can mouse over your Organization’s name in the upper right corner of the software and click Account. Once inside your Account Setting, click the Payment Methods tab and look for the PayPal, Venmo and Google Pay section. There you will find a toggle that you can switch to “Yes.” Confirm the selection by typing in “Yes” and then clicking the green “Save” button to submit.


These alternative payment methods will then be available for use on Online Donations as well as Event and General Membership Transactions. On each of those online forms, there will be a Payment Method dropdown just above the billing section where the Constituent can select their desired payment method.

NOTE: No additional setup is required. Constituents will now have the ability to select an additional payment method and use their PayPal, Venmo, or Google Pay account, instead of a credit card, to pay their donation, event, or membership transaction.