For constituents who are already in your database that do not have a portal account yet, you can email them the link for your portal.

1.   The link is found in the administration menu under your organization’s name on the top right side of the page. Click on Portal Info and the link to your portal is available in the top left side of the screen.

2.  Be sure to ask the member to use the primary email address and name listed in their record. You can include these merge fields in the invitation you send to the member. If they do not use the primary email address and/or name as listed the system will create a new record for the member. The member will also not see their current or expired membership information since a new record was created. If the member inadvertently created a duplicate record, you can merge the old record with the newly created record using the merge function in the Constituent Grid.

3.  From your portal login screen, instruct the user to click the “Sign Up” button, not the Sign In button.

4.  Instruct the user to complete the form using the name and primary email already associated with their record. They can enter the password they wish to use, check the CAPTCHA box, and click Sign Up

5.  The software will send a confirmation email to the user and the user will need to confirm their account by clicking the link.

6.  Once confirmed, they will be able to access the portal to manage and renew memberships, view the member directory and members only documents, sign up for events, and perform other activities you have established.