For Memberships Applications that need to be reviewed before members are approved and before any fees are processed, you can use the Membership Application setting. With this setting turned on, you will be able to connect a Survey/Form to the Thank You Email from a membership page and have that page default to a Pay Later transaction. On the membership page, you can still collect the details about who the member or members are and which membership level they are applying for. The applicant will also submit their credit card information, but they will not be charged until you approve the application and process their membership payment. 


Membership Application Setup


1. The first step in this process would be to set up your application form. To do this, go to Workspace > Survey/Forms > Survey/Forms List. 

2.  Then, under the “+ New” option you will be able to start a new Survey. 

3.  While on the Survey/Form Settings tab, we recommend turning on the “Enable Internal Review” setting. 

a. This will allow you to select who should be notified when a survey application is submitted so that they can review the submission.

b. You can choose from your users in the Internal Contacts or any constituents within your account under External Contacts

c.  As part of this review process, you can also connect an additional survey/form that the reviewer would need to fill out as they review the application. 


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d.  On the application questions, for corporate or company memberships, use the Constituent Field > “Company and Email” Question Type. If the membership is for individuals, use “Name and Email” Question Type. This will allow for the submitted survey answers to be connected to the same constituent record as the pending membership transaction. The rest of the questions for your survey can be customized to the information necessary for you to consider their application.

 e. With the application completed, you can head over to the setup of your membership page by navigating to Workspace>Membership>Membership Page. 


4.  On the Membership Settings tab you will need to turn on the “Attach Membership Application” toggle to YES which appears under the Financial Information section.  

a.  Once turned on, you will be able to select the Survey/Form that you created previously in the Application field. 

b.  You will also notice that the “Capture Credit Card for Pay Later” and the “Allow Purchaser to Pay Later” settings are automatically turned on. These setting ensure there will be no charge at the time of submission and that a credit card will be required for the applicant in case they are approved for their membership application.


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c.  Continue through the rest of the page setup until you get to the Thank You Message tab. 


5.  On this tab, click the blue Edit Message button in the bottom right of your screen and this will open the Email Editor. 

a.  Here you can customize the content of the message and you will want to add in messaging that directs the applicant to launch the survey as a part their application to finalize the membership processes. 

b.  For launching the survey, you can use a text link or button.

c.  If this is a button, you can add that from the content box toolbar. 

d.  Under the “Button Type” dropdown, you will want to select “Membership Application.” Then, under the “Button List” dropdown you will want to select the name of your application. 

e.  This selection will automatically insert a link into the URL field, and you can click “OK.”


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f.  If this is a link, from the link dialog box you can also select the Button Type “Membership Application” and choose the application to automatically include the URL.

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g.  Once your link has been setup and all of your changes complete, you can click the green “Save & Close” button at the top right of your screen to exit the email editor.

h.  After these steps have been completed, you are ready to publish your membership page.


 Membership Submission Process with Application 


1.  The applicant will proceed to the membership page where they would select which membership level they want and then populate the form with their contact information as well as the contact information for any sub-members.

 2.  In the registration area (billing/purchaser details), the prospective member will enter their credit card information with a message in red notifying them that their card will not be charged at this time.


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3.  Once they submit the membership transaction, a Thank You Message will pop-up on the screen and a copy will also be emailed to them. 

4.  The messaging on this Thank You Message should tell them there is a second step to the application and request they click a button or text link that will launch the application to provide additional answers about themselves or the company.


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5.  After completing the survey part of the application, another Thank You Message will be displayed, thanking them for their submission and typically letting them know that you will be in touch about their application. 


Reviewing/ Approving Applications: Survey/Forms Results Grid


1.  After an application is submitted, your reviewer will be notified, and they will be able to review and update the status of the members survey. 

2.  Go to the Surveys/Forms Results Grid and select the Survey Name from the dropdown list and click the Detailed Results button. 

3.  Next, select the Survey Long Form Answer view and locate the Review Column in the Results Grid. 


4.  A window will open with the survey answers and a dropdown box for you to update the application status. Select the appropriate status and hit Save.


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Processing Pay Later Transactions for Approved Applications: Members Grid


1.  For approved applicants, go to Membership Grid in the Membership Module and select the Detail View. 

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2.  Since the applicant’s original membership transaction was setup as Pay Later, the grid will show a balance in the Amount Due column and will have Current Status set to “Pending.” 

3.  To process their membership payment, click on the payment icon (dollar bill) in the left column of the grid and follow the steps in the pop-up window to complete the payment.


4.  In the new dialog window, turn the Pay toggle to YES. You can select the credit card number they submitted with the application and click the green Save button to complete the payment.


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5.  Once their payment has been processed, their Status will update to Active and they will have access to the Membership Directory and Member Only Documents from the portal as well as be able to enjoy member discounts for event purchases that you have set up.