Yes, on a online Peer-to-Peer Donation form, Pay Later Donations can now be accepted. This type of donation will create a Pledge within the Donor’s Constituent record. This Pledge will show the Amount of their donation, a Payment Frequency of “One Time” and a Payment Due Date based on the internal setting that would have been populated within the setup of your Peer-to-Peer Campaign. This type of donation will not require a credit card so there will be no Payment Method attached to the Pledge record.


In order to setup Pay Later donations for your Peer-to-Peer Campaign, you will need to go into the setup of your Campaign under the Workspace>Peer to Peer>Campaign Pages menu. Once inside the setup go to the P2P Campaign Settings tab. Look for the “Allow Everyone To Pay Later” setting and turn it to “YES”. Once activated two additional fields will display. “Pay Later Due Date” will allow you to set the Date for when this Pledge will be Due.” “Pay Later Comment” will allow you to customize the text that appears on the Donation Form where the Donor can select this Donation type.