On the Memberships grid in the default Summary View, find the record for the membership you wish to add a new member to. Select that membership transaction by clicking on it and the row will highlight in blue. Once it is highlighted, Click the +New menu option above the grid and select Member. This will launch a new prompt window for you to enter the details of the constituent you wish to add.


At the top of window, the information for the Head of Household or membership owner will be displayed. Just under that is a field where you can search for an existing constituent record. If the constituent you wish to add to this Membership already exists within your CRM then you can search for them here and then select the desired record. All the contact fields below will then populate based on that Constituent’s contact information.

If the constituent you wish to add to the Membership does not currently exist in the CRM then you can create them as new by clicking the “New Constituent” option within the Search dropdown. Selecting this option will then open all the contact fields so you can enter the information you wish to populate onto this new Constituent record.


Finally, click the green Save button of the window to add this constituent to the selected membership. They will then appear on the Memberships grid - Detail View as part of this membership transaction and will have all the appropriate membership benefits.