Renewing a Membership can be done in several ways and doesn’t require any special action. A member or internal user can simply launch the Membership form and enter a new purchase for the same Membership Level that was purchased previously, and the software will be able to automatically list this transaction as a Renewal. However, for internal users, there are a few extra options available for processing a renewal.


If you go into the Head of Household or Membership Owner’s Constituent record, you can navigate to their Membership tab. There you will see a blue Renew Membership button. Make sure the original Membership transaction you wish to renew is selected on the grid below and click that button. This will then ask you which Membership form you wish to launch. After making this selection, the Membership form will launch and the Membership Level you are renewing will be automatically selected on the form. If this is a Group Membership, you will also see the information for all the additional Constituents attached to this membership have been added to the form. Each Constituent Member from the Group Membership will be listed in a dropdown field. In this dropdown you can change who the constituents are that will be connected to the transaction by removing constituents previously tied to the membership or by adding in new constituents. Once the form is completed, submitted, and processed the transaction will show a status of Renewal.