On the Memberships grid Summary or Default View, you will see a blue Pencil and Paper icon on the far left of each transaction row. When clicked, this icon will allow you to edit the membership transaction. You will be able to edit which membership page and level the transaction is connected to as well as dates, payment fields, and other settings. Below is the description of the fields.


Membership Name – Which membership page is selected.

Membership Level – The membership level selected.

Date – The date of transaction.

Expiration Date – The date the membership transaction will become inactive and expire.

Price – The cost of this membership level.

Payment Type – The payment method used by the purchaser for this transaction. Changing this does not allow you record a new transaction (for example to change from a check payment to a credit card payment.)

Check Number – The number for the check used to pay for the transaction.

Membership Profile ID – ID assigned to the constituent attached to this membership transaction. If you change this number, you cannot use another member's profile ID.

Auto-Renew? – Asks if this membership will automatically renew itself on the expiration date. Note: For this process to work, the original transaction must have been made with a credit card and saved on file in the constituent's payment options tab.

Inactive – When set to YES, this membership will update its Status to Inactive overriding the Expiration Date.

Acknowledged – Asks if an acknowledgment has already been sent to the purchaser. When marked YES, you can enter the following:

    Acknowledged How – How the acknowledgement was sent.

    Acknowledged Date –What date the acknowledgement was sent.

Exclude From Online Directory – When set to YES, this membership and the constituent attached to it will be hidden from the Online Membership Directory.