Under the Membership module, you will find 8 menu options. Below is a description of each option listed.


Memberships – Main membership grid having both a Summary and Detail view so you can see all the specifics related to any membership transactions.

Membership Pages – This is where you build or edit your online membership registration pages.

Attendance – If you are having a member gathering that you wish to track attendance you will be able to check in/out your active members here as well as view past check-ins and outs.

Mail Merge GM Templates – Here you can generate and edit templates that can be used in a Mail Merge from the Actions menu on the Memberships grid.

Auto Reminders – Here you can create email campaigns that can be automatically sent out to members to remind them to renew before and after their memberships expire.

Membership Only Documents – Upload documents that will only be visible to members only within their member portal account.

Membership Emblems - Create special emblems to appear on the global membership directory based on the constituent's category or membership level.

Global Membership Directory - Combine the directories from some or all of your membership pages. This can be especially helpful for organizations that have seperate new member registration pages and renewing member registration pages as well as organizations that have multiple membership types on different membership pages.