Once you have received the new credit card information from your Donor you can go into their record and enter the new information on the Payment Options tab. You can update an existing card by clicking on the edit icon next to the expiration date of the card, or click on +Add credit card to add a new card number.

If the expiration date is changed on an existing card, that change will automatically be reflected on the pledge.  If a new card has been added or the constituent wishes to charge a different card, it will be necessary to update the pledge. 

  • Go to the pledge from the constituent's Pledges Tab. 
  • Double click on the amount due for the pledge to be updated to open the pledge. 
  • Go to the Payment Method drop-down, on the left just above the Payment Schedule. 
  • Select the drop-down and switch the selected value from the old card to the new and click on the green Save button on the top or bottom of the page.
  • Once the old card is no longer linked to any donations it can be deleted on the Payment Options tab.
  • Deleting the old card will stop any Credit Card Expiration notification emails as well.