Once inside a Member’s record you just need to click on the “Interactions” tab. Once there you will see any Interactions that were previously created. You will also see a green, “+ Interaction” button. Click this button and a new Interaction form will appear. On this import form you can fill out the following:


  • Time/Date – This will default to the current date and time but you may change it.
  • Status – Select whether the Interaction is open or closed.
  • Internal Contact – This will default to your Name but you can change who the contact is.
  • Interaction Type – Select the type of interaction, you can customize this list.
  • Category 1/Category 2 – Select tags for the Interaction to make it easier to find or identify.   You can customize these dropdowns.
  • Description – Enter comments on what took place during the Interaction.
  • Follow Up Time/Date – If a follow up is required, enter the date and time it will occur.
  • Follow Up Type – Enter how the follow up will take place.
  • Follow Up Contact – Select which contact will be following up.