Once inside a Member’s record you just need to click on the “Docs” tab. Once there you will see any documents that were previously uploaded. You will also see a green, “+ Document” button. Click this button and a new document form will appear. On this import form you can fill out the following:


  • Document Name – Enter the name your document will appear as.
  • Tags – Enter keywords that will make it easier to find your document in a search.
  • Category – Select or create a label the best fits your document.
  • Comments – Write a description about what your document contains.
  • Hyperlink – If the document is already hosted online you can enter the URL for it and we will import the document from that link
  • Select – If the document is saved on your device then you can hit this button and find the file for import.


Once you are done click the green, “Save” button.