On The Membership Setup screen click on “Setup School Year”. This will take you to the School Year List page. This page contains a grid that will display all of your current Membership Types. If it is your first time the grid will be blank. To create a new School Year you will need to click on the green, “+ School Year” button. You will then be directed to a new page where you can fill out the following fields and options:


  • Name – What is the name for you School Year
  • Dates – Select between two options for the time span of your School Year
    • Fixed Dates – Select the start and end date for your School Year
    • Variable Dates – Select how many days after enrollment the Membership ends and how many days before the expiration they can renew.
  • Summer Start/End Dates – If a summer session exists during your School Year enter the dates for it.
  • Updated Member Info Required As-Of Date – Enter the date you require the Parents to have their child’s info updated by.
  • Email Notification – Enter up to 5 email addresses for who should be notified after a membership enrollment is processed.
  • Document – You are able to upload a document to the Membership enrollment form. (What are some examples of documents they would upload?

After filling in those fields click the “Save” button and you will be able to setup your individual Membership Types.


To create a new membership type click the “+ Add Membership Type” button. You will then need to fill out the following fields and options:


  • Name – Enter the name for that Membership Type.
  • Fee – Enter the cost for that Membership Type.
  • Grace Period
  • Fee Prorated? If you are using the Fixed Date model you can select to prorate the enrollment fee three different ways.
    • Prorated Amount – Select the specific amount and date when it will be charged.
    • Prorated Percentage – Select the specific percentage of the cost that will be charge after a specific date.
    • Prorate Based on Remaining Days – This option is automatically calculated in DV, it will look at the number of remaining days in the School Year and then charge them based on that number.
  • Capacity – Enter how many total spots are available in that Membership Type.
  • Remaining – Enter how many remaining spots are available in that Membership Type.
  • Sort Order – The lower the number the higher the Membership Type appears on the enrollment form.
  • Allow to Pay Later? – Select this if you want to give the Parent the option to pay later for this Membership Type.
  • Active? Select this option to make this Membership Type active for enrollment.
  • Offline Membership Type - Select this option if you don’t want this Membership Type to be available for enrollment on the Parent Portal.