A basic P2P campaign is made up of the following steps that you walk through using the page editing wizard. Complete the information on each tab as outlined below. If your campaign will be linked to an event, you can add the link on the event page editor's Event Settings tab.

  1. Acknowledgment Info tab
    • Name – Internal name for the campaign
    • Email Display Name - what name will it look like sent the thank you email
    • From Address - what email address will it look like sent the thank you email
    • Subject Line - what is the subject line of the thank you email
  2. P2P Campaign Settings tab
    • Title – External name for the campaign
    • Target Amount – The organization's fundraising goal
    • Event Begin Date / End Date - Dates of the Event
    • Fundraising Begin Date / End Date - Dates the fundraising pages will be active to accept donations
    • Participant Begin Date / End Date - Dates those wishing to participate in fundraising can access the portal to build pages.
    • Message – The story that will appear on every fundraising page
    • Include Personal Story – This allows the participant raising funds to add their own personal story to their fundraising page
    • Include Location (Optional)– Where the event is being held
      1. Location Name
      2. Address 1, Address 2, City, State & Zip
    • Include Gallery - Import images that will be shown on all fundraising pages.
    • Auto Acknowledge - Mark all gifts processed through the form as Acknowledged.
    • Disable Teams - Fundraising participants are unable to create and select teams during setup
    • Allow to Pay the Processing Fee - Allow the donors to choose if they will pay the processing or require them to.
    • Allow Everyone To Pay Later - When set to Yes, donors can choose to pay later for their donation which will create a Pledge under their Constituent record.
  • Pay Later Due Date - Enter what date the Pay Later donation will be due.
  • Pay Later Comment - Enter the title that should be displayed publicly over the Pay Later option on the donation form.
    • Disable Teams - When set to YES, the P2P campaign will no include Teams.
    • Max Number Of Members Per Team - Enter the total number of individuals that can be on a team.
    • Hide Amounts on Participant Pages - When set to Yes, only donors names will be shown publicly, no amounts.
    • Notify when a donation is submitted – Who should be notified internally when a donation is submitted (Up to 5 Emails).
    • Allow Fundraisers to Setup Text Message Codes - When set to YES, each Fundraising Participant will be able to create a custom Text2Give code that when texted to your assigned phone number will reply with the URL for that Participant's online P2P Fundraising Page. 
    • Donation by check instructions– To whom and where checks should be sent
      1. Attention
      2. Organization Name
      3. Address 1, Address 2, City, State & Zip
    • Contact us information– Who to contact for more information
      1. First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone
    • For, Fund Event & Appeal - Select the default values, they will be used when the gift record is created for donations.
    • Select Custom Fields - Add custom fields from your constituent profiles onto the P2P Portal setup page
  1. Widget Settings
    • Clicking +Add Widget will allow you to create a custom progress thermometer or donut to display on your website
    • Once the widget is created, the HTML code for the widget is found on the Preview and Publish tab
  2. Thank You Message tab
    • Edit Message - Customize the Thank You email all donors will receive.
  3. Preview and Publish tab
    • Preview Form - Preview the P2P Portal login page.
    • URL - The URL for the P2P Portal
    • Widgets - Embed able graphs and tables that display information about the P2P Campaign.