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Use same gift date fields for Constituent and Gift views

Every quarter I pull constituent and gift data for analysis. And every quarter I run into problems, which cannot be resolved without prohibitive time and effort, due to the fact that the Constituent and Gift interfaces use different date fields in their default filters. Because of this, if I pull a set of donors who are active in a given quarter, then pull a set of gifts within that same quarter, they will not align. If the date of the check, the date of deposit, and the date of record creation span the cusp of the quarter, a gift or donor may be included in one set but not the other. As a result, calculations involving the number of donors and the number or total amount of gifts will be incorrect. DV can eliminate this problem by being consistent across interfaces with the date field to which it anchors the gift.

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Update: I just realized that the original entry was not clear. Why not just filter on a different field? The fields I'm referring to are the "Date" field in the Gifts interface and the default gift date fields in the Constituents interface such as "Last Gift Date". Users should be able to assume that the dates used in standard gift date fields in the Constituent interface such as "Last Gift Date", "First Gift Date", "Largest Gift Date", and "Smallest Gift Date" are identical to the values in the "Date" field of the Gifts interface rather than values in some other field such as "Check Date" or "Deposit Date".

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