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Online Auction


I am looking for a DonorView Client that has an active online auction and or event that I could view. 

I'd also be interested in hearing about your experience with the online auction set up and delivery.

Thank you,

Carly Lee

MTH Theater 

Kansas City

working on mine right now. Aside from having the software not working well while uploading photos and making sure i have everything set up. I would like to walk myself all the way thru the auction to really see how it works. 

But i go live next Tuesday with it!

Hi Julia, 

Here is the link to our event page.

Our auction is not in preview mode, yet. I'd love to see your event and auction if you want to share the link.

Thank you,


I was unable to see your page. 

Here it is!! I finally after much aggravation (the software was misbehaving while trying to upload and save my auction items) I was able to finally get it to where i think im ready to go live! I have one more item im waiting on to add!

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