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Custom Color palettes for newsletters

It would be great to be able to make my own custom color palette for my newsletter. It's extremely difficult to get the system to accept color changes to text, and it would be easier to have a palette all set up. Thanks!

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I had this problem when I tried to change the email font color from a hard-to-read gray default to a nice crisp, readable black.  Every time I made a change, the system would revert to what it was before the change.  

When I went into the code I discovered that DonorView had salted their email templates with dozens of "important!" tags which force various segments of the email "templates" to inherit font features, overriding any formatting I attempted to do to make changes.  The changes were there in the code, but they were being ignored.  I had to go in and manually remove more than 60 of these "important!" tags so that I could darken the font enough to make it easily readable. 

So there is a work-around, albeit a tedious and tiresome one.  The better solution would be for DV to remove those overrides so that users could easily format their own emails however they want.  And using a darker default font color wouldn't hurt either.

Thanks for the information, Paul. I'll at least know what to do when the issue pops up again. Appreciate it!

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