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Creating a sign-up autoresponder for one list (not for all sign-ups)

Am I missing something? I am new to Donorview and trying to set up a campaign with a sign-up form. But, I can not seem to find the way to create an autoresponder for sign-ups to this campaign list. 

I don't want all sign-ups to get this autoresponder email.

Any suggestions or guidance on how to achieve this.


Hi Mark,
At this time our Auto Responder cannot be scheduled to be sent to individuals who are signed up for specific campaigns. It is currently more generic and any and all individuals that subscribe to receive your emails will get the responder campaign. But this is an excellent suggestion for a new feature to the software. I will pass it on to our development team.

Daniel Stouffer


Hi Mark,
I wanted to let you know that we have just published the ability for you to setup a Auto Responder for which ever subscription category or categories you wish. This way you can customize who gets each Auto Responder you setup.

Daniel Stouffer



This is great news! I'll check it out.


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