The top section of the Survey Info step, you will see three blank textboxes labeled “Name”, “Tags”, and “Description”. In the “Name” box, fill in the name that you would like to call your survey. In the “Tags” box, list some words that may relate to your survey. Make sure to separate each tag by a comma. In the “Description” box enter a brief description of what the survey is about. The“Tags” and “Description” fields are not required.

The bottom section of the survey info page is how you would like to distribute your survey or poll.
If you would like to distribute it by email, check the box next to the word “Email”. Three white textboxes labeled “Email Display Name”, “From Address”, and “Subject Line”. These are all mandatory fields if you choose to send your survey by email. “Email Display Name” is the name that will show up in the recipient’s inbox when you send the survey. “From Address” is the email address in which the survey will be sent from. “Subject Line” is the subject of the survey. Fill in all of the information completely and accurately, because this is what people will see in their inbox.
If you would like to distribute it by posting to social media, check the box next to the words “Social Media”. Check the box next to each social media site that you would like to post to. Enter the text of your status update that will appear along with the link to the survey or poll. If all social media sites should say the same thing, you can enter the text once and check the box to “Use this text for all social media sites”.