You can change you security questions and/or answer by following these steps:

  1. To change your password, look directly across the words “Login ID (Email)” in the same row to the right you will see three buttons that say “Change Login ID”, “Change Password”, and “Change Security Question/Answer”.
  2. Click on the last button that says “Change Security Question/Answer”. From there three white information boxes will expand labeled “Current Password”, “New Security Question” and “New Security Answer”.
  3. In the white text box labeled “Current Password” enter the password you use to login to DonorView with.
  4. Below the “Current Password” box there is a drop down menu labeled “New Security Question”. Click on the drop down menu and select which security question you would like to use or you can keep it the same and just change your security answer.
  5. In the box labeled “New Security Answer” enter the answer to your security question. Make sure you remember your answer. You will need this if you ever forget your password.
  6. Next make sure you save the changes you just made. You can save your changes by clicking the green “Save” button located below the box where you entered your new security answer.